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All vets use referral vets (ourselves included) when a case demands equipment or expertise that we do not possess ourselves. For example, we have an ultrasound scanner, but do not have the specialist skills to diagnose a hole-in-the heart.

We offer the opportunity for your cat to have advanced dental procedures within the relaxed and calm setting of our cat-only practice.

Common but tricky procedures include ‘whole-mouth extractions’ where all the teeth are removed at the same time. This is commonly done because of Feline Stomatitis, a condition that may otherwise lead to cats being put-to-sleep due to unremitting pain.

FORLs (feline resorptive lesions) is an extremely common condition where proper diagnosis can only be achieved with dental  X-rays.

In the picture above, you can see a small erosion of the enamel (arrowed) of the molar tooth.

On the X ray below you can see that half of the root has disappeared (red dots show where it should extend to).

But also see the 2 other holes in the two teeth that are not visible by visual examination alone. Both of those roots with big holes in them are likely to snap off pretty soon, causing great pain.

The X ray at the bottom shows the jaw of another  cat with normal roots for comparison (there is some disease on the molar tooth, mind - the crater in the jawbone around the left root of the right-hand tooth is evidence of irreversible ‘periodontal’ disease).

Referrals are only accepted via your own vet - please speak to them or us if you wish your cat to be referred here.

The inflamed throat of a cat with feline stomatitis