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We do not try to charge the cheapest prices - instead we aim to offer best value : customer service and patient care of the highest quality at a fair price. Our fees are certainly not the highest in the area, but we are not into doing things on the cheap.

Our approach is to treat every cat as an individual, and to give treatments such as vaccines and wormers only when necessary.

We don’t therefore believe in giving standardised “booster vaccinations” every 12 months.

Instead, we recommend a comprehensive annual health check that includes an evaluation of your cats’ lifestyle and habits. We then make a  preventive health plan for the next 12 months, which includes appropriate vaccinations.

This way your cat is not given vaccine it doesn’t need - nor are you charged for the privilege!

Consultation fee   £34

Our standard consultation is for a minimum of 15 minutes.


Male kittens       £40

Female kittens   £50

Adult cats (12 months or older) are £10 in addition

Flea products and the like

We are not a pet shop - and have no desire to be one. We do however stock and sell all the usual things you might need, including flea and worming preparations, household sprays, cat carriers and the like.

Our prices are generally little different from those you would find in any pet superstore!

And our products come with informed advice, and we will only sell you a product if you need it, and if is going to solve your problem.

We do not generally recommend Frontline/Frontline Combo, Fiprocare, Effipro, or any of the other Fipronil products for flea control, except for young kittens - tthere are too many stories about of  Fipronil-treated cats being covered in fleas for us to be confident that there are no resistance problems.

However they are the only effective product we have for ticks in cats.

Our recommended ‘spot-on’ is Activyl, which works out at £6 per dose according to size of cat. Repeat monthly. A recent addition to our armoury is Bravecto, giving 3 months cover against fleas and ticks for a similar price per month as mainstream products - so less trouble for you, less stress for your cat.

For a more eco-friendly approach we recommending ‘Programme’ injection - one shot every 6 months stops any fleas they come across from breeding - and it costs about the same as spot-ons. So no insecticide on your cats, none rubbing onto you, and we send you a reminder when it is due.

If you need flea products and your cat has not been seen for a while, WE DO NOT CHARGE A CONSULTATION FEE for a simple check.


We can obtain and supply any mainstream foods that your cat requires, including prescription diets. Often we can offer better, and/or cheaper alternatives.

We also stock a range of raw foods, both minced ‘whole-prey’ type diets and raw meats on the bone. Our minced rabbit, and chicken works out cheaper per day than the cheapest pouches.

If you would like any further information, please feel to call and discuss with us.

Our kitten package has proved such a success that we are continuing it for the foreseeable future.

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